商品詳細: 該油是美國NASCAR豐田賽車隊Joe Gibbs Racing賽車上使用&開發的發動機油和齒輪油的賽車油。



DT40利用先進的全合成基礎油為渦輪增壓以及帶有或不帶有可變氣門正時的歐洲跑車發動機提供高溫和高容忍保護。 DT40有效限制機油的蒸發和起泡沫來減少機油消耗。 是現代德國,意大利和英國跑車發動機以及克萊斯勒6.4L Hemis發動機的理想選擇。 可用於E85和水噴射/酒精燃料/噴射引擎使用。 粘度值為5W-40。


this oil is USA NASCAR Toyota racing team Joe Gribbs racing development, used & development engine oil & gear oil in their racing cars on their championship. 

this oil hold engine temperature stay as low as possible, which can hold power peak as long as possible.

suit for Mercedes water cooled engine, and Porsche water cooled "non direct injector" engine. 

”DT40 reduces oil consumption by limiting oil vaporization and foaming”

it mean no vaporizer oil contaminate intake system. maintain oil always “ clean” to protect engine. oil also more effective remove heat from engine. even direct injection engine use DI40 was more effective! (DI40 by order.)